Energy Savings with a Home Demand Manager


For years residents of Maricopa County have been searching for a way to lower their monthly SRP Bills. We have searched and found a simple addition to your home that will shave 30-40 percent off your electric bill.

Now there are several different ways you can reduce your energy bills. But managing them can sometimes be time-consuming and ultimately does not save you a significant amount every month.

Adding a demand manager to your home gives you instant savings. Yes, you will see the bill be reduced next month, and each month after. Do you want to save money?

Worried about having to put your thermostat at 80 degrees to save money? Not with the Demand Manager you must lower your AC to get the saving you’re wanting. Enjoy your home at 72 degrees and run it at that temperature all day.

Yes, the Demand Manager gets you savings while you are comfortably enjoying the indoors.

Stop with shade screens, window tints, blinds, digital thermostats, and all the other gimmicks. Get a tool that you own and can take with you to your next home. It installs next to your electrical box and will give you huge yearly savings.

We are currently serving the cities of Queen Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and San Tan Valley.

And BTW if you think this is a gimmick give us a chance to show you our strong recommendations and results.

Looking for more ways to reduce your energy usage? The Demand Manager Load Controller is the most effective way to reduce your electric bill year after year. Check out our page and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Click here for more information.

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