BBQ Grills – Gas Grill Advantages


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Gas Barbeque Grills – Advantages of Gas

We discuss charcoal vs gas

Gas grills have been around for over twenty years, but they are only just becoming a necessity. Many people have held on to the belief that charcoal grills are the original and best. Whilst they certainly were the original popular grills, charcoal barbeques can no longer be thought of as the ultimate outdoor grill.

Some say that using charcoal enhances the flavor of the food. However, it is actually the food juices sizzling on a hot surface that causes the wonderful smoky flavor, and it doesn’t matter whether that surface be charcoal or the lava rocks of a gas grill.

In fact, even the barbecue connoisseurs among us are opting for gas grills in their droves. This is primarily because of the versatility that gas barbecues offer. It is common to have temperature controls and heat vents that stretch the entire length of the grill. This means that you have control over where the heat is dispersed, and you can arrange the food so that some is over a high heat for searing, whilst the rest cooks slowly over a medium heat.

There’s a huge range of gas barbeques available on the market, ranging in price from $100 up to quite a few thousand. Your best bet is to consider what you need from your grill before you buy. Can you control areas of heat separately? Is it easy to move? Do you need additional storage space? There are a lot of accessories to be bought which you can add on to your barbeque, like rotisseries, smokers, warming racks, and thermometers. Consider if you want any of these initially, if at all, and whether they could be added to your grill at a later date.

You no longer have to get the barbeque going for hours before you plan to eat to give the charcoal time to heat up. With gas grills, you can literally turn them on and start cooking. This convenience means that you will end up using your gas grill far more frequently, and enjoying barbecued meals throughout the year. The precise control you’ll hold over a gas barbeque’s temperature also makes for clean and consistent cooking results. Clearing away afterwards has also been redefined with the gas grill. They are far easier to clean, and have drip trays to collect the fat.

Gas barbeques may be pricier than the average charcoal grill. However, the fuel is far more cost effective as a single cylinder of gas can last for up to eight hours. You are likely to be using your grill more frequently than before, so it is worth spending the extra, and they will cost less to operate over time. In addition, gas grills are sold with significantly longer warranty periods than charcoal grills.


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