Demand Manager Saves Homeowners Money in Chandler, AZ


Chandler Arizona Residents See High Temperatures and Higher Electric Bills. Save Money by Installing a Demand Manager to your home.

Chandler, AZ is located in Maricopa County. It is located in the southeast portion of the county with a population of approximately 279,458 residents. 

Those living in Chandler enjoy the downtown Chandler restaurants and the famous San Marcos Resort and Golf Course. Come see who famous has stayed and played at the resort.

When you travel to Chandler, AZ there are many places to explore. There are several city parks and the Train Museum is a fantastic place to visit. 

The dining in the area is excellent and there are Casinos nearby for those looking to get lucky.

Residents Save Money Every Month with a Demand Manager

Chandler residents either have SRP Electric or APS Electric. Electric companies are raising rates and residents are feeling the brunt of the charges. Homeowners are raising their thermostats to 80-85 degrees to keep the A/C unit off to save money. 

That is not the right way to save money. Using technology, we at Guide 4 Home added a computer called a Demand Manager to our home to save money. The Demand Manager controls the electricity flow to make sure there are no surges or spikes in energy use. 

By controlling the spikes in energy use the homeowner can decrease their monthly electricity bills. You save money and at the same time, we teach you how to lower your thermostat to 72 degrees and stay cool in your home. 

So when the temperature heats up, cool your family down and SAVE MONEY at the same time. 

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